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Fold forming for rings workshop with award-winning jeweler Nick Barnes

Saturday, September 7 & Sunday, September 8 10-5pm

Nick will cover techniques to fold forming for rings & circular shapes. Nick includes his twist fold technique in a ring (2019 Charles Lewton-Brain award winning twist fold in ring-pictured above)

Two day workshop (take one or both days)

1st day “how to” make fold forms & twist fold. Students will complete one of the fold forms demonstrated.

2nd day “what to do” with twist fold. Students will complete the twist fold demonstrated.

Hours 10-5pm. With 1 hour lunch break. Bring your lunch, there is a refrigerator. There will be munchies, bread & cheese and coffee to share.

Workshop cost:
One day
Both days $250 (when signing up for both days)

To sign up for Nick’s workshop contact Beth Carey, call/text 240-818-1156 or

Check out the web site to view the studio space & previous workshops.
TBA Nick will have more info on metals, etc.
Check Nick’s website for more info on this amazing jeweler!

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