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There are four jeweler’s benches with excellent lighting to create less eye strain, adjustable chairs for better back support and less body strain, basic tools and a flex shaft at each bench for easy access. A fifth jeweler’s bench
that belonged to Joe Elkins, of Elkins Jewelers in Frederick, Maryland, is also available for additional work space. Work tables with dust collectors for buffing and polishing line the walls of the main room.

    A second room contains a buffing machine, grinders with a dust collector and storage space.

    Anvils, a rolling mill and a large vise are mounted on movable bases, for easy access and can be moved to the open center of studio to accommodate ten-person workshops.

Work Areas
Jewelry Bench
The jewelry bench has a hard maple surface for hammering, drilling & grinding. The bench pin in the center front has a keyhole shape for sawing & filing & is flat. Turn the bench pin over & it has a slanted side for sanding & filing. Each bench is equipped with a flex shaft, fold down LED lighting, magnetic tool holder, & basic hand tools, jeweler’s saw, blades, files & some polishing & grinding tools. Every two benches share a mirco machine, GRS BenchMate, & an apron filled with tools.
Soldering Station
The soldering station is set up for three torches, each with charcoal & vent exhaust. Each torch has a magnetic holder for torch handle for safety & fire proof soldering surface with back splash, firebrick, charcoal or honey cone ceramic soldering block. Tweezers, soldering picks, flux, yellow ochre & some solder are supplied.
Etching Station
The etching station is located on the table top. Tool storage is under the table containing necklace mandrel, dapping tools, circle cutters, forging & forming tools.
Grinding and Buffing Station
The grinding & buffing station with three flex shafts & mirco machine for hand polishing & refining. Three bench pins are vented into dust collectors to collect dirt, grit, metal filings & buffing compound. Task lighting is LED.
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